5 classical but effective ways to tempt Google.

5 classical but effective ways to tempt Google.

And so its superb Sunday morning, chirping music of birds, sun rays directly inclining on my window, mild air filled with a chilling effect blowing up my hair and I am sitting in my balcony as usual with my mug of coffee and writing this article for my eager readers.

Ohh yea, day before yesterday was Google’s birthday, it turned 15. Actually birthday was of Google but GOOGLE returned gifted us the new HUMMINGBIRD ALGORITHM, isn’t it? 😛 And moreover the most crazy part about this algorithm is that GOOGLE unfolded it about a month back and we were all waiting and actually astonished with the fact that “Why is Google not up with some breakthrough news?” and lo-and-behold it blew up our minds with its single shot named “HUMMINGBIRD”.

Well, the title of the post itself is so tempting……isn’t it? 😛 Actually these days I am deeply in love with Google and I am really wanting to attract Google- The Search Engine. Well not only me but there are millions who are wanting to do the same and I am just one of them. So in short the competition is actually tough. Well are you scared of the competition? Of course not mate, we are bloggers and bloggers are not scared of such things. 😛

So tempting factor series starts from here:


Before I explore this point let me drive you to a bit romantic fascination. 😛 Just imagine that you are going for a date with your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend. Ahaan that smile full of blush is coming on your face now :P. Well, let that be as it is. So on a preparation base what you’ll do is that start thinking about what you are going to wear, accessories, hair style, body language and so on…!! Now, come back to the blogging world 😀 and co-relate the same thing with our GOOGLE and BLOG. What I want to reveal here is that the looks of your website is equally important for Google. The design of your blogging site, its font styles, the colour, the size of the font is very important for Google’s crawlers which look for the best match for GOOGLE. Google will definitely fall for your blog’s great responsiveness nature.


First try to answer this question honestly to your own-self and then only proceed further with the read. No no no…. I am not at all putting you in a dilemma of choosing between GOOGLE and your READERS, instead I am trying out to make you understand your own thinking to you. Because most of the bloggers and newbies are somewhere pertaining to choose to write for GOOGLE instead of READERS. I mean isn’t that too stupid and foolish of we bloggers to write for a SEARCH ENGINE. Today on the way to my college I was having the talk with one of my blogger friend about the HUMMINGBIRD ALGO by GOOGLE and we came across a talk where we discussed that “CONTENT” is the only thing which matters to people or readers. I mean he gave me an example of his own blog where he wrote an article 2 months back but still the traffic analytics are not affected so much. So the simple logic lying behind the success of a blog is that write something which will keep your reader engaged and ultimately your article will be a buzz into their circles and ultimately leading you to reach to great traffic results. If you do this GOOGLE is surely going to be flat on your blog. 😛


Well you might be thinking that “It’s so easy to say that bring the traffic by attracting more readers, but don’t know how to do the same, right? Okay then, here’s my secret on which I work. Shhhh….read it silently okay? 😀
No one likes to have the same food served in the same manner, isn’t it? Yes, you got the perfect word i.e. do not be MONOTONOUS. Your writing is supposed to include those swinging and turning moments to make it more live and happening. Share your regular life into your content because that connects your reader not only to your writing but to your persona. This attachment once developed works “wonders”. That signature writing is very important to get delivered to your reader’s psychology. So now start exploring that “SIGNATURE” writing of yours.


So are you giving that wry smile right now?? But, kindly change your expression because this point is indeed connecting in here. I have seen so many sites where I find that there is no Contact Us page or About Us page and it annoys me badly. I mean it’s like expecting people to connect you without any medium. Remember one thing that your readers are always in search of a helping hand, a hand which is trust worthy. Through these two pages you generate an impression between people of your world. 🙂 This is the medium through which your readers can contact you at any point of time, when they need any help.


Last Sunday I went to a restaurant with my family for having SOUTH INDIAN cuisine in one of the best restaurants in my area. We went there and Oh…My…God…!! was the expression of mine seeing the “waiting” i.e. it was of 35 before our turn. Unfortunately with sad expressions and disappointments we left that place and went to another. The same thing happens with our websites too. Sometimes there are sites which serve the best content but due to higher page load times i.e. the speed of loading the website are higher that it makes the reader annoyed and leaves the sign of disappointment unfortunately leading them to transit on another place on web. Remember, this online world is full of options and so the competition becomes harsher when it comes to these all factors. But there are ways to solve these problems by using some plugins namely “W3 total cache” and “W3 Super cache”. Also there are ways you can compress java scripts into your website for minimal load time. So in-short the load time of your site is inversely proportional to the traffic you’ll get.

Over to you: Now you may drop your feedback or anything you would like to append for the above mentioned stuffs. Waiting for your response eagerly.

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Keep rocking, keep Google-ing…!! 😀

Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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33 Responses

  1. Neulabs says:

    Wow! Charmie, great write up………… it was wonderful to read your article. You have discussed awesome factors about the tempting Google.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Neulabs,
      Glad to find you here. Well, it is so kind of you that you dropped such beautiful complements and acknowledged my writing.
      I just hope it will e useful to you.
      Regards 🙂

  2. Sandeep says:

    Wow great info and well returned article
    Nice work admin keepit up
    Thank you

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Sandeep,
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and passing your valuable comments for the same.
      Stay updated. 🙂

  3. Giriraj says:

    Load time of a page is a very serious consideration for Google. Thanks for bringing these tips to our knowledge.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Giriraj,
      Ohh yes, loading speed is actually the first essence of your site which is supposed to be included. It leaves behind a significant impression on your visitors.
      Thanks a lot for agreeing to the points mentioned.

  4. aris jay says:

    Great content! At least now Google are thinking to develop and enhance the quality of the service as one of the operating and internet browsers. Hope they would fix the loading problem or something. You did a great job covering up all the important factors. Keep it up! 😉

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Yes, atleast after the birthday of GOOGLE when its HUMMINGBIRD buzz is still ON we as bloggers expect to increase that quality section into the whole picture.
      Thanks a lot for appending such a great point.
      Keep visiting.

      Stay Rocking and Rolling. 😛

  5. Today every body is worried about their page rank and traffic as the google make changes time by time. All the points discussed above are very important and briefed successfully. Love to see more from you.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hello there,
      Yes definately and one main reason behind page ranking is that that shows how efficiently your data is flowing flawlessly into the search engine plus the rate of reach to our readers.
      Thank you so much for passing by here.
      Stay updated. 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Nice, well played article. Yes, as you have said first impression is the best one, initially it takes time for a new blog to create a best look at first. Slowly as time passes we will learn on what to do and how to do and then implement it on our blog. Apart from he design, the quality of the content should be more valued for the readers and not for Google. We are bloggers who share information for readers and for Google. So writing and posting quality contents for the user query which gives them solutions will always protect from any Google Update.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Shathyan,
      Yes, for newbies its a little bit tough to get these all things done in a short period of time but more or less they finally reach at such points where they consider the importance of the looks of their sites.

      Thanks a lot for passing by here and sharing your thoughts.

  7. Loved this post Charmie very well written and I love the the design of your blog as well! as a website Developer myself I am obsessed with page speed and yes you are right people will leave if the site is slow.
    every site I make weather it be a static site or a WordPress one I always minimize and compress both my javascript and css files I even go as for to remove all the white-space in the html!
    one thing I love though and use obsessively is PNG Gauntlet that I can highly recommend!
    Great post and keep blogging!
    All my best
    – Phillip

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hey Philip,
      Well recently as we all know about Google’s update regarding the algorithm has turned many tables up and down, the SEO criterias have became more rigid and concrete.
      Thank you so much for sharing your idea and trick behind increasing the speed of loading os your site.
      Thanks a ton for commenting.

  8. hi charmie. i did not know that you also love while facing at the computer. i love coffee too and drink around 3 mugs a day (not cup). about the speed of my website, i only have three issues (since i solved the other 6 issues thanks to WP Super Cache) that affects the speed of my site but i am still finding a way to solve. these issues are the need to leverage browser caching, optimize images and eliminate render blocking javascript. do you have any idea how to solve these?

    i am worried that the latest hummingbird update would have drastic effects on my blog.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Marilyn,
      Sorry for replying late. Well, right now if you are using wp supercache plugin then stop using it. Instead use Wp TotalCache which helps in solving your first problem of browser caching. Also for speed you can use Cloud share’s CDN plugin which we currently updated our site to and the results are significant. There is also a plugin EWWW image optimizer wordpress plugin for the problem with your images.

      I hope this will help you out.
      Incase you have got more queries you may ask me.

  9. charmie great points you have mentioned here! People mostly visit About us page to see what is the person and what he does, then he become our followers, completely depends on our profile page.

    thanks charmie 🙂

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Great jot down to make on your comment. Thats so true that less the time you waste of your readers, the more you get as traffic and followers.
      Thanks a lot for passing by here and adding your suggestions to my post.

  10. Pramod says:

    Excellent Post Charmie !
    I’ll try all these suggestions and i hope that google will start loving my site . Thanks for sharing this amazing and well written post with us .


    • Charmie says:

      Hey Pramod,
      Thanks for sharing your valuable time in reading my article and moreover complementing the suggestions I have kept.
      Thanks a lot.

  11. Rita lopes says:

    wow! some how you a great topic of effective ways to tempt Google i really enjoyed it and agree to your all points you have mention in this post specially second one GOOGLE OR READERS. thank you for writing such a good blog and sharing with us

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hello Rita,
      Thank you so much for loving my post and moreover complementing it in such a beautiful way.
      You are always welcomed here for sharing your views.
      Stay updated
      Keep Smiling. 🙂

  12. Kuldeep says:


    Yeah you are right about “google or readers”, i must say readers. Because google also recommend to share information for readers not for search engines.

    thanks for the tips.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Well opting for readers instead of Google is what makes you a real blogger.
      Thanks a lot for stopping in here and sharing your views.

  13. Hi Charmie ,
    The things that you explained are very important for newbies to understand but what you did the best is made them realize the importance of these points by correlating them with real life examples . Really impressed by your writing style .

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Well, there are many more points which are important too but as you said its very important to integrate these many points for a blog to work healthily.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Charmie says:

    Thank you so much aktar and I hope this article will be of some use to you.

  15. Charmie Prajapati says:

    Hy Aktar,
    I just hope that this article will be of some good use to you.
    Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  16. PNG News says:

    It is pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all website owners and bloggers will make good content as you did then internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hello qthere,
      Glad to find you here commenting for the same and thanks a lot for commenting in here.
      Stay rocking,stay updated.

  17. very cool and bullet list article!

  18. Srikanth says:

    Nice write up total attention grabbing content.

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