The Importance of Online Charging Systems (OCS) for Telecoms


As the communication industry develops rapidly, operators must adapt to the changes that it brings. The growing number of new products and services demands a fundamental change in telecoms architecture. While adjusting to the digital era and launching innovative solutions such as Internet of Things and 5G services, communication/digital service providers must also adjust to ensure they have an up to date online charging system in place.


Why is the online charging system important in the telecom industry?

To answer that question, we must back up a little and acknowledge the evolution of services and service provisioning in telecommunications in recent years. As the industry’s product scope is expanding, and ways of purchasing services and products move almost entirely online, it is only logical that OSC telecom solutions become more significant  – allowing communication/digital service providers to cater for customers by delivering what they need in a way that is accessible for them. But there is also one more matter that is even more pressing than convenience…

Real-time charging

Another important part of the online/digital way of purchasing and utilizing products is being able to provide them rapidly – preferably in real-time. Customers don’t want to wait in line to buy new products, let alone services. They are living in a digital world in which they know that they can get what they want quicker than ever – and if their current provider isn’t fulfilling their needs, they can simply move to another one.

This situation also translates to charging for telecom services in real time, which is crucial for the accurate provisioning of any solution. In order to provision services, businesses must be able to bill for them.

What to look for in a real-time OCS telco solution

The perfect online charging solution enables scalability, high-capacity and flexibility – all of which support communication/digital service providers in monetizing their services in the best possible way. By ensuring that systems have these three main features, operators can be sure that, as and when new services or other innovative solutions emerge, their business will be prepared for provisioning.

Modern, innovative online charging systems for telecoms also allow increased accuracy and greater control of digital services, which means saving money and granting better customer service. What’s more, the automated solutions which are gaining in popularity, can simplify and speed up the billing process significantly, which translates to increasing overall business efficiency.

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