How Can a Three-letter Abbreviation Make You Rich: Tips for Magento Store Owners


Success in business is a wonderful thing, that’s what every businessman seeks for, right? However, the one thing that comes with a fast growing business is confusion. A few entrepreneurs at the beginning of their career predict an early success: high profits lead to investments and eventually to expansion – and suddenly you have it all. In order to keep your business model at the highest level, your online and offline presence need a solid foundation.

Having customers that will come back to your store is like a dream come true. In the e-commerce, a customer is everything, and I bet you already have a Magento CRM extension. A lot of companies face struggles while dividing online and offline customers into two different groups. It takes more efforts, more employees and sadly, sometimes creates not just confusion but a major disorder within your company. The smartest way to avoid or solve this problem is uniting and synchronizing business processes in a highly organized and well-functioning system.

So, what are the benefits of Magento CRM integration?

First of all, you get a common database of customers. A relevant and up to date database will help you see the whole picture at once, analyze, gather  statistics and make strategic marketing decisions. There are so many marketing channels, from word-of-mouth to review sites – and every single one can affect your business in a big way. I’m sure you spend a lot of time and efforts on segmented marketing campaigns, but you wish there were less of them. Customer knowledge is a powerful instrument – you can use it to implement your loyalty programs perfectly.

It’s also important to keep track of all the orders, and with CRM the orders will be stored in one place on one grid. Employees will be able to access info about customers’ needs anytime, so, the productivity will increase as well. A CRM solution will really help your business by giving you the tools to maintain stellar customer communication.

Second, keeping all the orders stored in one place will help to optimize shipping and delivery system, – cut off unwanted expenses, combine supplies delivery and lower the final price. According to general statistics, businesses reduce delivery time by 15% thanks to well-integrated CRM.

Third, there will be no need for two separate staff groups for online and offline stores. It means fewer salary payments, less disorganization, and fewer communication problems. Therefore, you can assign responsibilities more effectively and create a perfect team, where everyone knows exactly what he should be doing.

If you want your business to grow, it’s important to take an advantage of the newest technologies. CRM helps you get to know your customers, save your money and increase revenue.

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