Tips to finding a web hosting service on a budget


To start a website means investing some money into it. However, when you do your research on the internet, you will note that most web hosting services are expensive, which might be an amount that you cannot afford.

The truth is, when you look at the cheap options available, it discourages you because they are not ready to provide services that your website needs. As an online entrepreneur, you should be watchful of the type of company that you select. Some give you headaches because they have inadequate facilities.

Our article today tries to explain some tips that you can use to find yourself a good web hosting service, and one that will guarantee you peace of mind, even when you are on a budget.

  1. Features provided

Every website has a specific problem that it solves. Therefore, after you have thought about the purpose of the platform, and the services that you will provide, then examine some of the features that you will get when you subscribe to the hosting service.

One important thing to check out is the space the company will provide. You will find that most hosting packages offer unlimited storage for individual sites. A few of them will provide up to 5GB limit. Storage is essential when you consider the amount of data you require when sharing videos, texts, audios, and images.

Other essential features you should check include bandwidth, the number of email accounts you can create, the control panel that they use, and pre-installed scripts that you can get from them, and if they allow those scripts.

  1. Server speed

Most crucial part of any website is the speed or the response time after a user clicks on anything on the site. A lousy server can tamper with the amount of traffic that comes to your platform. For instance, you know how many times you have closed a page because it was slow in responding. You do not want the same to happen to people who visit your platform.

Your hosting server should be quick. According to Google, the server should be more than 200 ms for it to serve many users, and to serve them at fast speeds.

Malicious companies sometimes are not fair to their clients because you will find that they have an overloaded server. The chances are that all the websites that use that one server tend to be slow because all of them are busy trying to be fast.

  1. Support system

Sometimes sites tend to be slow or does not load when you click on a page. Only the support team of the hosting firm can solve such problems.

Try to know how you can reach them when something on your site goes south. Social media, live chat, email, and phone numbers should be available in case of such emergencies. All of them are effective; however, a feature that allows you to chat or talk with them one on one is the best form of support you can get from them.

Additionally, the tech support team should always be accessible. For instance, most firms offer 24/7 assistance to their clients. Anything less than that is not suitable for your website’s functioning since you never know when the site can fail. They should also have the training to handle you professionally.

  1. Security

Many people lose their websites because they could not get the ultimate security that they deserved. The hosting company should be critical in the way they provide these services even when their price is low.

Consider some of the firewalls they install on their server, the way they will monitor the website, including any other security extra features.

They should also have enough backups to prevent losing vital information, especially for people who want to start an Ecommerce website. Some of the people who buy things from your site will provide their credit card information, which is easy to hack if the server is vulnerable.

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