Top 5 Best FREE Software To Control Remote PC

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What is Remote Access Software?

This Remote Access software allows a PC to use a computer to connect to another system. It also allows a pc to ‘listen’ for calls on a computer (This PC Provides ‘Remote Access Service’) Remote access software may provide entry to a single PC or to a Network. …

Top 5 Free Remote Control & Manage Software

1. TeamViewer 

TeamViewer joins to any PC or hosting server around the world within a short time. You can handheld distant control your soulmate’s PC as if you were seated right at the front side of it. Find out why more than 100 Million  customers believe in TeamViewer!

With the ID and security password produced by TeamViewer, the range between your workplace and home is no more a issue. You can quickly handle your PC at any time, anywhere.

Free Download For All Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android

2. LogMeIn

Over 125 million globally gadgets have been linking with each other through LogMeIn, a helpful program lets you to sit in your company and handle the computer of your residence, whatever running programs, modifying records or watching images, simply with few mouse clicks.

Free download for Windows, Mac and iOS


UltraVNC is a highly effective, easy to use and free software application that can show the show of another pc (via internet or network) on your own show. The system allows you to use your computer mouse and key pad to control the other PC slightly. It means that you can work on a distant pc, as if you were near it, right from your present place.

Free download for Windows

4. Ammyy Admin

With more than 11 thousand international customers, Ammyy Admin provides a efficient way to safely handle a distant PC in a few moments.Possessing all the features of identical applications, Just run it and nothing more. It also ready an on the internet Information for newbies.

Free download for Windows

5. TightVNC

TightVNC is a no cost handheld distant management program. With TightVNC, you can see the desktop computer of a distant machine and management it with your local computer mouse and key pad, just like you would do it seated in the front of that computer.

Free download for Windows

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  1. kumar says:


    You are an amazing talent at such an age, Keep up the good work man.


  2. Kurt says:

    TeamViewer is my top favorite… I’ve used most of what we have here but TV is great!

  3. Teamviewer is my favorite. The best software to control PCs and even mobile devices remotely. Thanks for sharing about these other such software, will try them out for sure.

  4. Deepanker says:

    And these are the tools which Indian tech support scam companies use to fool US people.
    Teamviewer was my favorite but now I use Google Hangouts for remote assistance.

  5. Nice post with detailed description…

  6. Rahul says:

    Nice list of remote pc softwares, I have used Teamviewer it works great for me.
    Thanks for sharing.

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