World’s biggest Event! “Windows 8 App fest”

world’s biggest event! “Windows 8 App fest”

Microsoft announces Windows 8 App Fest in India!

Microsoft India has declared the biggest App Festival for  Windows 8, which sneakers off on Sept 21-22, 2012 at the KTPO, Bangalore and is open to the international designer community. This 18-hour-long programming and coding event is a non-stop software jam where designers will design, build, test and publish applications. Windows on-site staff will be available to assist the designers doing the event with planning their applications for ultimate distribution to the Microsoft windows Store.

How do i Register????

The event is definitely Free of Cost. If you want to be Participate of that group to develop a excellent app for Microsoft windows 8 Shop, Register for the event and publish your program concept first. This will be confirmed by Microsoft expert and depending on that, they will encourage you for this occasion.The registration procedure already began. If you want to take Part in that from 21 Sept 2012 – 22 Sept 2012, Register for it these days and publish your app concept now.


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    Cool, Mosam it’s really big event.
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  3. Awesome very big event for indians.Thanks for sharing it with us.

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