World’s First Battery-Powered Heart Pump !

World’s First Battery-Powered Heart Pump ! – TechnoTactics

Don’t you think that, it is rise of our superhero – Iron Man ?
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A 60-year-old in Britain, who suffered heart failure and was deemed too ill to survive a transplant, has become the first person in the world to be fitted with a miniature version of a life-saving heart pump.

Barry Wade was offered a lifeline in the form of a revolutionary pump, called the HeartMate II, after Manchester’s Wythenshawe Hospital became one of 12 centres in the country to give the device a trial.

The tiny pump weighs around 10oz and is just three inches long. It is implanted just below the heart and helps pump blood around the body.

The titanium pump rotates nine times faster than an electric drill and is powered via an electrical cable which passes through the skin to a controller worn around the patient’s waist.

Barry, who has five grand children, has responded so well to the procedure – carried out by surgeons on Tuesday – that he is expected to return home this week.

It’s been a tough eight years but I hope all that is behind me now. I have a new chance of life and I am looking forward to the birth of my new grandson next month. ~Barry Wade

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